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Dr Dominic Glynn
BA (Warwick), MA (London), DPhil (Oxon)
Lecturer in French Studies
Institute of Modern Languages Research
Senate House Malet Street London WC1E 7HU
020 7862 8872
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Research interests:
Language and Literature (French), Literatures in a modern language
Summary of research interests and expertise:

I joined the IMLR in 2015, having previously worked in professional theatre and academia in France. My primary area of research is in theatre translation and adaptation. In my monograph (Re)Telling Old Stories (Peter Lang, 2015), I analysed the dynamics of translating ancient mythological narratives to the late twentieth century French stage through the prism of two productions by Peter Brook and Ariane Mnouchkine. I have also worked on the bilingual oeuvre of Samuel Beckett, and its reception in France and the UK. Since October 2017, I have been the principle investigator of an Arts and Humanities Research Network Grant (UK) entitled “Literature under Constraint” (LUC). The LUC project assembles a cutting-edge network of researchers and stakeholders (publishers, writers and translators) from the UK, Europe and North America. The research team works to elucidate which factors (mind-sets, political context, social environments, intermediaries) shape and constrain literary production, but also to explore whether constraint bolsters creative activity. I am the general editor (with Catherine Davies) of the Journal of Romance Studies (https://online.liverpooluniversitypress.co.uk/loi/jrs).

Prior to my doctoral studies at Oxford, I trained as a director in London, and my first degree was in English literature. I am therefore interested in building bridges between different fields of enquiry and specialisms. I consider scholarship and artistic practice as complimentary, and am keen to set up collaborative projects across the fault line. I am also very happy to hear from colleagues and research students working in different areas of French studies.

Key Interests: Translation; Adaptation; Performance; Rituals; European Theatre; European Literature

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Related publications/articles:

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27-Sep-2018 Marine Roussillon, Sylvaine Guyot, Dominic Glynn, Marie-Madeleine Fragonard (eds.) Littéraire. Pour Alain Viala I (Arras : Artois Presses Université), 416 pp.

Edited Book

27-Sep-2018 Marine Roussillon, Sylvaine Guyot, Dominic Glynn, Marie-Madeleine Fragonard (eds.) Littéraire. Pour Alain Viala II (Arras : Artois Presses Université), 358 pp.

Edited Book

08-Jan-2018 Glynn, D, “Franglais Fops” and Mocking the French in English Restoration Theater, ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes and Reviews

Journal articles

27-Nov-2017 Glynn, D, 'War Remembered on Stage as Reims Stages Europe: Festival Report'


The following reports back on the 2015 edition of the Reims Scènes d’Europe (literally: Reims Stages Europe) theatre festival, which has grown to become a leading counterpoint to the more established summer gathering at Avignon. The 2015 festival was particularly memorable for two reasons: one, it took place a month after the Charlie Hebdo attacks; and two, it was part of the memorial celebrations for World War I. On the opening night, two contrasting shows were on offer: Ludovic Lagarde’s staging of La Baraque [The Pad], a new play by Aiat Fayez fittingly commissioned as part of the European anti-terrorism cultural initiative; and Luk Perceval’s Front. In one, the audience is invited to consider recent events through the lens of slapstick humour; the other returns to the Western front of 100 years ago. The contrast between the two productions on offer raises an issue that will traverse the whole festival. How might, on the one hand, distance be created in the presentation of recent events, and, on the other, events far-removed in the past be brought closer to contemporary audiences?

01-Jun-2017 Glynn, D, ‘The Shipwreck of Literature: All at Sea with Olivier Cadiot’, Journal of Romance Studies (17.1), pp. 37-51

Journal articles

27-Jan-2017 Glynn, D, ‘Uncovering a Classic: Ariane Mnouchkine’s Les Atrides’, George Rodosthenous (ed), Contemporary Adaptations of Greek Tragedy: Auteurship and Directorial Visions (London: Bloomsbury Methuen), pp. 213-26


01-Dec-2016 Glynn, D, ‘A European Director on the French Stage: Remembering Luc Bondy’, Contemporary Theatre Review (26.3), pp. 403-4

Journal articles

01-Dec-2016 Glynn, D, ‘Oulipo and WW2: Conference Report’, Journal of Romance Studies (16.3), pp. 124-5


01-Dec-2016 2016 Glynn, D, ‘A Classic Problem: The State of French Theatre’, Journal of Romance Studies (16.3), pp. 126-31

Journal articles

01-Jul-2016 Glynn, D, ‘Reading Across the Channel; The French Literature Reading Group at the Institut français’, Journal of Romance Studies (16.2), pp. 112-5

Journal articles

01-Jul-2016 Glynn, D, ‘Shakespeare in French: Conference Report’, Journal of Romance Studies (16.2), p. 117


01-Dec-2015 Glynn, D, ‘Reloading the Canon: Ariane Mnouchkine’s Les Atrides’, New Zealand Journal of French Studies (36.1-2), pp. 7-18

Journal articles

01-Sep-2015 Lignes de fuite


01-Jul-2015 Glynn, D, ‘Intertextuality and / in Cadiot’, French Studies Bulletin 36 (136), pp. 47-9

Journal articles

30-Apr-2015 (Re)telling Old Stories: Peter Brook's Mahabharata and Ariane Mnouchkine's Les Atrides


01-Mar-2015 Glynn, D, ‘Macbeth. Directed by Ariane Mnouchkine’, Theatre Journal (67.1), pp.115-7


01-Jan-2014 Glynn, D, ‘Opposing Forces: Distance and Proximity in Peter Brook’s Mahabharata’, Irish Journal of French Studies (14), pp. 119-36

Journal articles

04-Oct-2008 Glynn, D, ‘Ariane Mnouchkine (review)’ in French Studies (62.4), p. 496


04-Oct-2008 Glynn, D, ‘La Mise en scène contemporaine (review)’ in French Studies (62.4), p. 510


01-Jul-2008 Glynn, D, ‘Fragments of the Everyday: Les Ephémères at the Théâtre du Soleil’, Contemporary Theatre Review (18.3), pp. 406-8


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Research Projects & Supervisions

Research projects:

AHRC Research Network Literature under Constraint

Performing Beckett/ Jouer Beckett

Professional Affiliations

Professional affiliations:

Name Activity
City University of Hong Kong research and teaching
Advance HE teaching and learning


Name Type Activity Start date End date
TELEM Associate member scientific research 01-Nov-2017
GDRi Littérature et démocratie member of network scientific collaboration 01-Jan-2017
Relevant Events

Related events:

Date Details
15-Nov-2018 Translingual Constraints

Study day related to Literature under Constraint project. 

24-Sep-2018 Exploring the work of Peter Brook

 Talk related to Peter Brook's production of The Prisoner. 

12-Jul-2018 Journal of Romance Studies Annual Symposium

Presenting the most up to date research related to the study of Romance languages, literatures and cultures. In association with the Journal of Romance Studies (LUP). 

08-Jun-2018 Literature and reality in the 21st century

2nd study day of Literature under Constraint project, ULIP, 08 June 2018

23-Mar-2018 Mediating Literature Study Day

 IMLR, part of AHRC Literature under Constraint project

24-Jan-2018 Peter Brook's Cross-Channel Theatre

 University of Greenwich Research Seminar

12-Oct-2017 Performing Beckett

Comparative Study of Beckett in Performance in France and the UK in collaboration with the Université de Bordeaux-Montaigne

19-May-2017 (Un)translatable and (Un)performable

 Trinity College Dublin (May 19, 20)

22-Mar-2017 Jouer Beckett

Comparative Study of Beckett in Performance in France and the UK in collaboration with the Université de Bordeaux-Montaigne

22-Feb-2017 'Translating Constraints'

Language Resource Centre, Kings College London

10-Dec-2016 'The Reception of Shakespeare in France'

A Great Feast of Languages, British Centre for Literary Translation, (December 10,11)

05-Dec-2016 French @IMLR

French Studies Librarians Group, Senate House Library 

17-Sep-2016 ‘Attempts on his Life: Perec’s Early Works’

L'Oulipo et la Seconde Guerre mondiale, Institute of Modern Languages Research (September 16, 17)

16-Sep-2016 L'Oulipo et la Seconde Guerre mondiale

 Institute of Modern Languages Research (September 16,17)

20-Jul-2016 ‘Theatrical Translation’

 Poetry House Seminar, University of Roehampton

16-Jun-2016 'Plural Dramaturgies'

Paris Symposium, Barnard Center for Translation Studies, Reid Hall, Paris (June 16, 17)

13-Jun-2016 ‘A Magus on Stage: Olivier Cadiot’s Novels Adapted to the Theatre’

International Federation for Theatre Research Conference, Stockholm (June 13, 14, 15)

09-Jun-2016 Shakespeare in French

 Senate House Library, Institute of Modern Languages Research (June 9)

Other editing/publishing activities:

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Journal of Romance Studies

 Co-General editor (with Catherine Davies) since issue 16.1

Knowledge transfer activities:

Institut français Reading Group

 Academic lead for Reading group at the Institut français du Royaume-Uni 2015-17

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