Professor Lawrence Goldman

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Professor Lawrence Goldman
M.A., PhD Cantab, FRHS
Professor of History
Institute of Historical Research
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United Kingdom
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01-Aug-2017 History and Biography

Journal articles

Historical Research, vol. LXXXIX, no. 245, 01 August 2016, 399-411

13-Jul-2017 The Fiery Particle’, Review of Laura Beers, Red Ellen. The Life of Ellen Wilkinson (2016)


London Review of Books, vol. 39, no. 14, 13 July 2017, 33-34.

01-Jun-2017 Oxford University Press and the Wider University


in Keith Robbins (ed.) History of Oxford University Press. vol iv: 1970-2004 (Oxford, 01 June 2017), pp. 85-112.

01-Mar-2016 History and Continuity in English Education Since 1800

Journal articles

The East Asian Journal of British History, vol. 5, 01 March 2016, pp. 73-91 (Special Issue: Anglo-Japanese Conference of Historians, Osaka, 2015).

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Mar-2015 History and Biography


Inaugural Lecture as Professor of History and Director of the Institute of Historical Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London. In this lecture, which will draw on examples from modern British and American History, and from his experience as the Editor of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Professor Goldman will consider the relationship between historical research and the writing of biography.

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