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Sir Colin Blakemore
PhD, ScD, DSc, FRCP (Hon), FMedSci, FRS
Director Centre for the Study of the Senses
Institute of Philosophy
Institute of Philosophy School of Advanced Study Senate House Malet Street London WC1E 7HU
07802 291059
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Research interests:
Communications, Culture, History of art, Neuroscience, Philosophy
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Vision, Cognitive neuroscience, Perception, Visual arts, Plasticity of the brain, Development of the brain, Philosophy of mind, Cultural evolution
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Professor Sir Blakemore was appointed Director of the Centre for the Study of the Senses at the Institute of Philosophy in October 2012. He is one of Britain's leading scintists. He is a renowned expert on vision, and on the development and plasticity of the brain. He speaks and advises on a number of public issues, including chairing the Royal Society’s recent Brain Waves project, reviewing the policy implications of developments in neuroscience, which included reports on Neuroscience and Education and Neuroscience and the Law. Colin Blakemore is a Fellow of the Royal Society, and was a previous Chief Executive of the Medical Research Council. He has been a Reith Lecturer and given the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. He has been honoured by many countries, including India and China, and has ten honorary degrees. Colin is Principal investigator on the 'Rethinking the Senses' project, supported by a £2million grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council as part of their Science in Culture programme. In addition, in 2013, he established 'The Human Mind Project', an international effort to define the major intellectual challenges in understanding the nature and significance of the human mind, linking work in the humanities and the sciences, especially cognitive neuroscience.

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French Intermediate Intermediate
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13-Mar-2017 No evidence to back idea of learning styles

Journal articles

 Hood, B and 29 other, including Blakemore, C (2017) Letter to the Editor. Guardian 13 March 2017.

20-Dec-2016 Folic acid in flour would save hundreds of babies


 Blakemore, C (2016) Daily Mail, 20 December 2016, p 51.

01-Dec-2016 Report of the 10th RIKEN Advisory Council (RAC)

Conference papers

 Blakemore, C. et al (2016) Report of the 10th RIKEN Advisory Council (RAC). December 2016

13-Sep-2016 Primate research is crucial if we are to find cures for diseases like Parkinson's

Journal articles

 Walker, J., Blakemore, C., Benabid, A., DeLong, M. et al (2016) Letter to the Editor. Guardian, 13 September 2016.

01-Aug-2016 Tierversuche in der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft/Animal Research in the Max Planck Society.


 Munich: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

17-Jun-2016 Rights and wrongs of making drugs illegal

Journal articles

  Letter to the Editor, The Times, 17 June 2016, p 36.

01-Feb-2016 Into the third dimension

Journal articles

  Classics of Vision Science. J. Vision. 16: 24-25. doi: 10.1167/16.4.18. February 2016

Research Projects & Supervisions

Research projects:


Rethinking the Senses: Uniting the Philosophy and Neuroscience of Perception Institute of Philosophy
Project period: 01-Oct-2013 - 30-Jun-2017

Research interests: Cultural memory, Neuroscience, Philosophy

Subjectivity, agency and social cognition challenges for eductionist accounts of the mind School of Advanced Study
Project period: 01-Oct-2015 - 18-Nov-2017

Research interests: Neuroscience, Philosophy, Social Sciences

The Human Mind Project School of Advanced Study
Project period: 04-Apr-2015 - 31-Dec-2017

Research interests: Culture, Neuroscience, Philosophy

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