Unseen but not unfelt: resilience to persistent volcanic emissions (UNRESP).

Project Summary

This project is hosted by: Institute of Latin American Studies

Research interests:
Communities, Classes, Races, History, Modern History , Politics
North America, North America, South America, South America
Project period:
11-Jan-2016 - 30-Jul-2017
Project categories:
Research project
Project summary:

 The overarching aim of UNRESP is to reduce the impact of air pollution crises caused by persistent volcanic emissions
(PVE) of Masaya volcano on the local populations. Lessons gained from this case study will be applicable to other areas in
Nicaragua which are exposed to this hazard from other volcanoes. This is trail-blazing work within the Disaster Risk
Reduction (DRR) community because the PVE hazard is currently absent from risk management strategies in developing
countries in spite of its prevalence and damaging impacts. By combining objectives O1-6 we will be able to develop
procedures for forecasting, communicating and mitigating PVE air pollution crises at Masaya through channels that are the
most appropriate for this particular setting. The recommended procedures will be rooted in pre-existing local practices and
will therefore be applicable and easily accessible to the local communities.

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Management Details


Name Position Institute Organisation Contact
Dr Hilary Francis Fellow Institute of Latin American Studies SAS hilary.francis@sas.ac.uk



Funder Grant type Award
Natural Environment Research Counsil GCRF Resilience Foundation Awards SEPT2016