The Dictionary of British and Irish Furniture Makers Online

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This project is hosted by: Institute of Historical Research

Research interests:
Digital resources, History, Library, Medieval History, Modern History
Africa, Africa, Asia, Asia, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Project period:
07-Jan-2016 - 30-Jun-2017
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Digital grant
Project summary:

The proposed project comprises the first phase in a larger project to investigate the nature and historical contexts of the artisans and craftsmen involved in the English furniture trade in the period 1660-1840. The wider project will combine scholarly research with advanced digital resource creation to enhance our understanding of the industry – the patronage, commissions, designs, production and methods of retailing in the period – and then to make the sources and analysis available to a broad audience. This audience will be made up of groups with varied interests, but will include furniture historians, architectural historians, social, economic and cultural historians, museum curators, as well as collectors and the commercial market.

At the heart of the wider project is the material published in Dictionary of English Furniture Makers (DEFM), the definitive biographical account of English furniture and furniture makers in the period. Digitising this resource and making it available with a sophisticated interrogative user interface to allow rich interaction and detailed analysis will mark a significant advancement in the study of English furniture makers and the trade in its own right. However it is proposed that a second Phase of the project will build upon the work of the DEFM with new scholarship that has emerged in the thirty years since its publication, and with new archival and material research that has been identified in recent years.

Both the wider project and the present Phase I proposal will form a collaboration between the Furniture History Society, and the Centre for Metropolitan History, Institute of Historical Research, University of London. It is proposed that the Phase I project will be completed over a period of twelve months.

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Professor Mark Merry Lecturer Urban History/DP & Training Off Centre for Metropolitan History Institute of Historical Research SAS