Cross-Language Dynamics: Reshaping Community

Project Summary

This project is hosted by: Institute of Modern Languages Research

Research interests:
Early Modern, Language and Literature (German), Literatures in a modern language
Africa, Africa, Asia, Asia, Australasia, Australasia, England, England, Europe, Europe, Middle East, Middle East, South America, South America, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Project period:
07-Jan-2016 - 30-Jun-2019
Project categories:
Research project
Project summary:

 This programme aims to develop a new Modern Languages (ML) research paradigm capable of re-conceptualizing the relationship between language and community for the benefit of a more open world. It addresses questions of whether and how the languages we speak define the communities we align with, and how language community boundaries may be made more porous. It identifies 3 intersecting community configurations attributing different roles to language, and attracting distinct methodologies: the multilingual, the transnational and the translingual. In each case, it investigates ties and disjunctions between language and nationhood, and the dynamic of top-down institutional and grassroots networking dimensions of community-building. Tackling these issues across all 3 configurations, each corresponding to a research strand, it aims to recast ML agendas, reshape adjacent disciplinary priorities, offer insights to policy-makers, and invest the civic university with new purpose.

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Name Position Institute Organisation Contact
Catherine Davies
Dr Godela Weiss-Sussex Reader in Modern German Literature Institute of Modern Languages SAS