The Matrix Reloaded: Establishing Cataloguing and Research Guidelines for Artefacts of Printing in Heritage Collections

Project Summary

This project is hosted by: Institute of English Studies

Research interests:
English Literature, History of art, History of the book, Modern History
Africa, Africa, Asia, Asia, Europe, Europe, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Project period:
31-Mar-2017 - 28-Feb-2018
Project categories:
Research project
Project summary:

 The material turn in fields that rely on historical printed material has led to interest
in how material was—and is—produced. Those objects (cut woodblocks,
etched/engraved metal plates, lithographic stones) could be fundamental to
research. Tens of thousands survive from the last 500 years, but many are
inaccessible because they do not fit into the cataloguing structures and controlled
vocabularies used by the libraries, archives and museums that hold them. Even
the basic term is debated: to book historians/in libraries, pieces of type are
multiples cast from a matrix (mould); to artists and art historians/in museums,
those types are matrices (and the sheets printed from them the multiples). Given
heritage collections’ new possiblies to catalogue and digitise these artefacts to
reveal their research potential, a common framework could advance knowledge of
image-printing processes and images’ role in the print trade. This project will
create a research network and distil a single, interdisciplinary best practice from
existing standards to train researchers to engage with them.

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Dr Elizabeth Savage Lect. & British Academy Post Doc. Fellow Institute of English Studies SAS elizabeth.savage@sas.acuk



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The British Academy BARSEA- engagement activity