Prosopography of the Byzantine World

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This project is hosted by: Institute of Classical Studies

Research interests:
Classics, History, Medieval History
Africa, Africa, Australasia, Australasia, Europe, Europe, Middle East, Middle East
Project period:
04-Jan-2017 - 30-Mar-2022
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Research project
Project summary:

 The original aim of the project remains: to create and develop an analytical prosopography of the people identifiable as active in the Byzantine world (640-1204). Since 2000 this effort has been focused on the eleventh and twelfth centuries (1025-1180). The resultant publication already makes a huge contribution to the history of this period, and are also steadily growing. Unlike
some parallel projects, its coverage is not limited to the confines of a political or national entity; we have come to make increasing use of sources from adjacent cultures. Perhaps equally important is presenting and developing a sophisticated model for digital prosopography and online resources, particularly in covering a multi-cultural world such as the medieval Mediterranean. We have been regularly adapting to make the best possible use of new technologies, and new approaches, as they emerge; we also find ourselves working closely with scholars all over the world.
Finally, we share with other projects a need to explore and develop models for sustainability in an accessible form.

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The British Academy Small Grant