The Sanctuary Project

Project Summary

This project is hosted by: Institute of Classical Studies

Research interests:
Academic Support, Classics, Communities, Classes, Races, Culture, History, Philosophy
England, England, Europe, Europe
Project period:
09-Jan-2014 - 30-Aug-2019
Project categories:
Research project
Project summary:

The object of the proposed research is to coordinate and promote a programme of collaborative research focused on how sanctuaries formed human experience in classical antiquity.

Sanctuaries are common - perhaps universal - products of human societies. First attested in the Upper Paleolithic, the first sanctuaries appear at roughly the same time as evidence for ritual, art and music. As sites of material accumulation and symbolic investment they feature prominently in the archaeological record. And because they contain much of the early evidence for the cognitive activities of anatomically modern humans they have also been central to recent debates on the archaeology of mind.

Management Details

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Name Position Institute Organisation Contact
Professor Gregory Duncan Woolf Director Institute of Classical Studies SAS



Funder Grant type Award
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Annaliese Maier Research Award