Dr Amy Penfield

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Dr Amy Penfield
BSc [University College London]; MRes [London School of Economics]; PhD [London School of Economics]
Position/Fellowship type:
ILAS Stipendiary Fellow
Fellowship term:
01-Oct-2015 to 01-Jun-2016
Institute of Latin American Studies
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
Culture, Globalization & Development, Socialism, Communism, Anarchism
South America
Summary of research interests and expertise:

Research Interests: Indigenous Relations with the State, Extractive Resource, Morality, Material Semiotics, Value, Inequality and Animism. Regions: Lowland South America, Venezuela Amy Penfield received her PhD in Anthropology from the London School of Economics (LSE) in July 2015. Her doctoral thesis explored material and ethical value with a particular focus on how the Sanema of Venezuelan Amazonia experience manufactured items in the contemporary political context. The project (funded by the ESRC) analysed the integration of industrialised goods into the moral ethos of the Sanema, and how the material properties of things promote moral conceptualisations and their realisations. This research project, now being converted into an anthropological monograph, also explores themes of care, justice, inequality, manoeuvrability, and nonhuman agency.

Before joining the Institute of Latin American Studies, Amy taught on several anthropology courses at the LSE, including Kinship, Sex and Gender, Culture and Globalisation, and a masters course on Theory and Ethnography. While at ILAS, Amy will be working on a number of forthcoming articles and book chapters, as well as a project on local-level encounters with petroleum and extractive minerals.

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