Mr Mauricio Suárez

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Mr Mauricio Suárez
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Marie Curie Fellow
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01-Oct-2013 to 30-Sep-2015
Institute of Philosophy
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02-Oct-2015 Varieties of Misrepresentation and Homomorphism

Journal articles

 European Journal for Philosophy of Science

03-Apr-2015 Bohmian Dispositions



03-Feb-2014 A Critique of Empiricist Propensity Theories

Journal articles

 European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 4 (2), pp. 215-231

03-Feb-2014 A Critique of Empiricist Propensity Theories

Journal articles

 Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 49, pp. 36-47

08-Aug-2013 British Abolitionists and the End of Slavery in Brazil


Representation in Science


 P. Humphreys, Ed., Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Science, Oxford University Press,

Research Projects & Supervisions

Research projects:

Probabilities, Propensities and conditionals : implications for logic and empirical science

The study is for a complex and interlocking set of topics in the philosophy of science, logic, and the foundations of probability and statistics, and of quantum mechanics. The focus of the project is on important and unexplored connections between objective probability, physical propensities, and the logic of conditional statements. The main expected outcome is an improved understanding of the nature of probability and its role in the empirical sciences, particularly in relation to quantum physics. The topics are of great current interest and relevance across a number of disciplines, including philosophy of science, logic, probability and statistics, and the foundations of quantum physics. There are further potential applications to computer science, statistical methodology, scientific modelling, and causal inference. The project is very carefully structured in a number of work packages with a number of specific objectives and deliverables for each: i) propensities and dispositions, ii) the logic of conditionals, iii) conditional probability and the probability of conditionals, iv) propensities and conditionals, v) alternative calculi of probability, vi) applications to foundations of quantum mechanics, vii) further applications, and viii) historical developments.

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