Professor Charles Chatterjee

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Professor Charles Chatterjee
LL.M (Cambridge), LL.M., Ph.D (London), Barrister
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Associate Research Fellow
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Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
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Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
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Research interests:
International Law, Law
Summary of research interests and expertise:

Commercial law, including banking, trade, insurance and insolvency; and professional negligence. He frequently worked as a legal consultant with the World Health Organization and the International Labour Office. He was also a legal consultant to the Commonwealth Secretariat for a considerable period of time.  Professor Chatterjee has considerable experience in negotiating commercial contracts, including contracts pertaining to transfer of technology, international loans and international trade.   Professor Chatterjee is not only familiar with the basic commercial and investment law of African and Asian countries but also the legal environment in those countries. He is conversant with trade, banking and intellectual property regulations at both national and international levels. He has considerable experience in providing training to the legal profession including Ministries of Justice for capacity-building in regard to the general issues relating to business law, international institutional law, economic law, banking and corporate governance, intellectual property law and turn-key contracts.
He often advises various governments on legal issues and provides training to government officials for capacity building in the areas of commercial law, the law of taxation, banking including anti-money laundering legislation and banking supervision and peace building through justice.

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