Professor Fiona Cownie

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Professor Fiona Cownie
BA, LLB, PGCE, LLM, Barrister of Lincoln's Inn
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Senior Associate Research Fellow
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Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
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University of Keele
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Fiona Cownie’s research interests centre on legal education and the legal system. Her work covers all areas of legal education. It includes analysis of the ways in which law is taught, especially arguments about the importance of educational theory and philosophy to legal education. It also includes work on the purpose of the law school and on relationships between the academic study of law and vocational training as required by the legal professions. Professor Cownie has also made a major contribution to debates about the academic staff who work in law schools; she has carried out extensive empirical research in this area, both in the U.K. and in Canada, and has written a monograph and a series of articles exploring different aspects of legal academic life.
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01-Jan-2012 Law and Research. In Tribes and Territories in the 21st Century: rethinking the significance of disciplines in higher education


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01-Nov-2009 A great and Noble Occupation!' The History of the Society of Legal Scholars'

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01-Nov-2007 English Legal System in Context (4th ed)


The United Kingdom’s First Woman Law Professor: An Archerian Analysis

Journal articles

(2015) 42.1 Journal of Law & Society 127-149.

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