Professor Henry Woudhuysen

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Professor Henry Woudhuysen
FBA, FSA, DPhil (Oxford)
Position/Fellowship type:
Senior Research Fellow
Institute of English Studies
Home institution:
University of Oxford
Lincoln College Turl Street Oxford OX1 3DR
01865 279804
Email address:

Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
Early Modern, English Literature, History of the book, Palaeography
Europe, United Kingdom
Summary of research interests and expertise:

English Renaissance drama; English literature of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, especially Sir Philip Sidney, Shakespeare, and Samuel Johnson; post-medieval palaeography; bibliography and the history of the book; the Electronic Enlightenment

Publication Details

Related publications/articles:

Date Details
01-Jan-2014 Some Women Editors of Shakespeare: A Preliminary Sketch

Edited Book

‘Some Women Editors of Shakespeare: A Preliminary Sketch’, in Women Making Shakespeare: Text Reception Performance, ed. Gordon McMullan et al., Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare (London, 2014), pp. 79–88

01-Jan-2014 Foreword

Edited Book

 ‘Foreword’, in Mansucript Miscellanies in Early Modern England, ed. Joshua Eckhardt and Daniel Starza Smith, Ashgate (Farnham and Burlington, Vt, 2014), pp. xi–xiv

02-Sep-2013 A Global History

Edited Book

A Global History, ed. Michael F. Suarez, S.J., and H.R. Woudhuysen, Oxford University Press, 2013, pp. xx+748

02-Sep-2013 Gabriel Harvey

Edited Book

‘Gabriel Harvey’, in The Oxford Handbook to English Prose, c.1500–1640, ed. Andrew Hadfield, Oxford University Press (Oxford, 2013), pp. 611–30

01-Jan-2013 'Gabriel Harvey'


in The Oxford Handbook to English Prose, c. 1500-1640. ed. Andrew Hadfield (Oxford, 2013). Pp. 611-630.

01-Oct-2012 'Sir Philip Sidney's Astrophil and Stella Abbreviated: A Note on Rowland Woodward'


in In the Prayse of Writing: Early Modern Manuscript Studies, ed. S.P. Ceresano and Steven W. May. British Library (London, 2012). Pp. 44-69

01-Sep-2012 Sidney's Manuscripts (again)

Journal articles

Sidney Journal, 30 (2012-2013): 117-125

01-Jan-2012 'Punctuation and its Contents: Virginia Woolf and Evelyn Waugh'

Journal articles

Essays in Criticism. 62 (2012): 221-247

01-Jan-2010 "Shakespeare's Writing: From Manuscript to Print"

Chapter in The New Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare. Ed. Stanley Wells and Magreta De Grazia. Cambridge University Press, 2010.

01-Jan-2010 The Oxford Companion to the Book

Co-general editor, with Michael Suarez. Oxford University Press, 2010

01-Jan-2008 AEH AWP: A Classical Friendship

edited and introduced by H.R. Woudhuysen, The Foundling Press and Bernard Quaritch

01-Jan-1996 Sir Philip Sidney and the Circulation of Manuscripts, 1558–1640

OUP: The Clarendon Press

Relevant Events

Related events:

Date Details
06-Jul-2013 Editorial Handbooks: A User's Guide

The Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh Colloquium, University of Leicester

04-Jul-2013 Buying Continental Books in Renaissance England: Booksellers, Travellers, Fairs, and Catalogues

Transitions, 1500-1700. Conference at Bath Spa University, Corsham Court Campus, Corsham, Wiltshire

28-Apr-2013 The Warwick Castle Scribe: Richard Willis and Fulke Greville

Conference on Fulke Greville, Centre for Advanced Studies, Munich

18-Jan-2013 Following the Paper Trail: Paper in England in the 16th and 17th Centuries

Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M University Libraries

01-Jan-2011 Hilda Hulme Lecture

01-Jan-2010 "A.W. Pollard: Fine Books and Friends"

D.F. McKenzie Lecture. Oxford University. March 2010.

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