Dr Jeggan C Senghor

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Dr Jeggan C Senghor
PhD Yale
Position/Fellowship type:
Senior Research Fellow
Fellowship term:
03-Sep-2007 to 31-Jul-2018
Institute of Commonwealth Studies
020 7862 8844
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
International Relations, Politics, Social Sciences
Summary of research interests and expertise:

The role of indigenous political leadership in the decolonization process in Commonwealth African countries is an under-researched subject. Conscious of the importance of filling this lacuna I launched the Gambia Leadership Programme (GLP) a few years ago; its primary aim is to generate and transfer knowledge on decolonization in African Commonwealth countries and, in particular, on the dynamics of political leadership and the end to colonialism.

One major project in the portfolio of projects in the GLP is the preparation of comprehensive stand-alone biographies of leading political personalities in the decolonization and early post-independence era in the country. Project implementation is by a collective of seasoned researchers with a track record of extensive research and publication on the country.

For a start, the biographies of six personalities are under preparation. I have completed research and processing of that on Reverend John C. Faye, a titan in Gambian politics in the 1947 to 1965 period. The 380-paged pioneer study was published in May 2014 by AuthorHouse Publishers, Bloomingham, Indiana, USA; the title is: “The Very Reverend J. C. Faye: His Life and Times, A Biography”.

Other GLP activities include the publication of an edited volume of abridged versions of the same set of biographies whilst awaiting completion of the full-blown studies; research on the chapters is at advanced stages and publication is scheduled for 2015. It is also worthy of note that an integral part of programme activities will be the organization of a series of in-country conferences, workshops and seminars on various dimensions of the leadership question.

A second area of research interest continues to be regional integration in Africa, to which much of my academic and non-academic research and publications have been concentrated over the decades. Integration at the continental level has received some attention but much more research resources has been devoted to the regional West Africa level and even the sub-regional; exemplifying the last is my book titled “The Politics of Senegambian Integration, 1958 – 1994” published by Peter Lang International Academic Publishers. In coming years attention will be devoted to the subject of measurement of integration and of regional public goods and integration.

A third field of interest is that of capacity building in regional research institutions in Africa. Through personal representation on policy organs of some, such as the West African Institute of Regional Integration and Social Transformation (Praia, Cape Verde) and the Economic Community of West African States (Abuja, Nigeria) technical support is being provided these institutions.



Project summary relevant to Fellowship:

The relevance of the main biography project to the Fellowship lies mainly in its potentiality to produce new knowledge on a subject that has not received the attention it deserves. Further, the team approach to project execution is very much in line with both the letter and spirit of the new Fellowship policy – it encourages inter-institutional collaboration and networking with researchers in the UK and beyond.

Publication Details

Related publications/articles:

Date Details
19-May-2017 Profiles of Gambian Political Leaders in the Decolonization Era


Global Hands Publishing, Leicester, England, 19 May 2017, 260 pages.

19-May-2016 The ECOWAS Commission and the Leadership Question: Some Fundamentals


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Bloomington: Indiana, (USA): Author House Publishers, 2014 (350 pages). Full-length book monograph.

24-Jun-2014 Emerging economies and Africa’s natural resources: Avoiding


Review of draft journal article for Cambridge Review of
International Affairs, .

04-Jan-2014 The State in Africa: Issues and Perspectives.


Book review published in Journal of Third World Studies, Spring 2014

01-Jun-2013 Critical and Creative Education for the New Africa.


Review of draft book manuscript submitted to Peter Lang International Academic Publishers for publication.

09-Jan-2013 Education and Democracy in Senegal


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07-Jan-2013 Multi-national Company's Development Projects in the Niger Delta: Are their Good Intentions Having Negative Impact?


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02-Jan-2013 African Regional Organizations: Contributions to the Debate on Re-positioning


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01-Jul-2012 “The ‘Senegambia’ Experience: Twelve Pointers for Regional Integration in Africa”

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08-May-2012 Senegalo-Gambian Relations:Continuities in Past and Future.


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01-Apr-2012 Gbagbo's Inglorious Fall from the Cote d'Ivoire Presidency: Paying the Price for Trusting in the Status Quo,


Reviewed draft article submitted to African Studies Review (USA) for consideration for publication/

31-Mar-2012 SeneGambia Re-incarnated: Voices from the Grave.


Newspaper article published in English in Daily News(Banjul, The Gambia), 2012, and in French, in La Gazette (Dakar, Senegal) 2012

13-Mar-2012 The Arab Sprng: Senegalese Echoes?


Published in African Arguments (Royal Africa Society), March 2012. p.1

01-Mar-2012 Regional Integration in West Africa


Review of proposal submitted to Springer Publishers (Holland) for consideration, preparation to drafting of full-length book manuscript.

01-Feb-2012 The Dynamics of the Tokunbo Phenominon and the Imported Second-hand Economy of South-Western Ngeria


The draft book manuscript was reviewed for publication by Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, Oxford.

01-Jan-2012 Cooperative and Collegial Democracy for African and Multi-ethnic Societies.


Review of draft book manuscript for publication by Peter Lang International Academic Publishers (Oxford).

01-Nov-2011 The Contours of Humanitarian Intervention: War and Peace-building in Sierrra Leone.


This draft article was reviewed for publication in African Studies Review(USA)at the requeast of the publisher.

01-Nov-2011 Samuel Johnson of Yorubaland, 1846-1900


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01-Oct-2011 “Regional Integration in Africa: Deconstructing the State, Constructing a Paradigm Shift,”


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01-Aug-2011 Peer review of book manuscript: The Griqua Past and South African History


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01-Jul-2011 Peer review of book manuscript: Raising the Bar: Reflections on Leadership, Lessons from Post-Conflict Liberia


by Banke King-Akerele. To be submitted for publication (July 2011).

09-May-2011 Reminiscences on Leadership


Published in The Standard, The Gambia. Series on encounters with: President Milton Obote (9 May 2011, p.7); President Leopold
S. Senghor (13 May 2011, p.5); General Olusegun Obasanjo (Rtd.) (20 May
2011, p. 7); President Abdoulaye Wade (27 May 2011, p.7); Wrap Up (3 June
2011, p.3).

05-May-2011 “Will the Arab Spring spread south”


Published in Africa News and Current Affairs Analysis, London, 5 May 2011.

01-May-2011 Peer review of book manuscript: Rethinking Development Strategies in Africa: The Triple Partnership as an Alternative Approach. The Case of Uganda


for Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, Oxford, (May 2011)

01-Apr-2011 Peer review of book manuscript: Accelerating Africa’s Integration through Micro-regionalism


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01-Feb-2008 The Politics of Senegambian Integration. 1958-1994


Book monograph, published by Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, Oxford, February 2008 (335 pages).

Publications available in Senate House Libraries

Relevant Events

Related events:

Date Details
01-Sep-2014 Coordinator and Team Leader, Gambia Leadership Programme.

. Under my initiative and leadership a team of seasoned researchers was organized to prepare and publish comprehensive biographies on the life and times of six prominent Gambian politicians who spearheaded the decolonization process in the country. Project launched in July 2011 and continuing.

01-Sep-2014 Research Professor, Institute of Regional Integration and Development, Catholic University for Eastern Africa, Kenya, September 2012 to Date. Offshoot of AIH.

 September 2012 to Date. Offshoot of African Integration House; serve also as member of the Board of its journal on regional intgeration..

28-Jun-2013 Institutions and Regonal Integration

Lecture delivered at Seminar on Regional Integration in Africa, Lome, Togo, 24-28 June 2013. Organized by the West Africa Institute for Regional Integration, Praia, Cape Verde.

28-Jun-2013 The Senegambia Case:Lessons of Experience

Lecture delivered at seminar on Regional Integration in Africa, Lome, Togo, 24-30 June 2013. Organized by the West Africa Institute for Regional Integration, Praia, Cape Verde.

06-Jun-2013 ECOWAS: Forty Years of Shared Challenges and Progress

Lead researcher of a team for implementation of a research project on the subject for the commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of this all-important regional organization.June 2013.

03-Mar-2013 Strategic Plan, 2014-2017

Lead Technical Resource for the preparation of a strategic plan (2014-2017) for the ECOWAS Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, February 2013

09-Jan-2012 Board of Advisers

Appointed Board Member, Centre for Research, Development and Social Justice Advocacy, on-line facility. It main remit is to undertake research on development issues in Africa with a particular  focus on bridging gaps between policy development and implementation.

09-Jan-2012 African Borderlands Research Network

The network is located at the Centre of African Studies, Universty of Edinburgh.

01-Jan-2012 Policy development and capacity building in the West African Institute for Regional Integration.

Participated in meetings of policy-organs of the newly established West African Institutue for Regional Integration (Praia, Cape Verde) in my capacity as member of the Scientific Council and Coordinator, Project on Institutional Capacities for Regional Integration in West Africa.

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