Dr Victoria Barnes

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Dr Victoria Barnes
MA (Res) in Legal History at the University of Reading; PhD, University of Reading
Position/Fellowship type:
Visiting Research Fellow
Fellowship term:
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
Summary of research interests and expertise:
Victoria Barnes works on commercial law and the regulation of business in the United Kingdom and United States using a transnational and comparative framework. Her current research employs both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to explore the use of contracts as a way of restraining factors, agents and corporate management in the nineteenth century. She focuses on the development of common law doctrine as a force which influenced the evolution of contractual rights and drafting of particular clauses.
Project summary relevant to Fellowship:
Dr Barnes is undertaking a book project which examines judicial interference in corporate governance disputes in common law jurisdictions. The focus of her research while at the IALS will be on a case called Burland v Earle (1902). The case was heard by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. It is a key case in English and Canadian Corporate Law.
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