Dr Gwen Hoerr Jordan

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Dr Gwen Hoerr Jordan
Ph.D., History, University of Illinois Chicago, 2004; M.A., Criminal Justice, University of Illinois Chicago, 1993
Position/Fellowship type:
Visiting Research Fellow
Fellowship term:
02-Jan-2017 to 26-May-2017
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Home institution:
University of Illinois
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Project summary relevant to Fellowship:
A project that will support a book-length historical manuscript on the transnational activism of women lawyers of colour to advance the rights and dignity of women of colour in their home countries and around the world during the twentieth century. British women began practicing law as barristers and solicitors in the 1920s after the enactment of the Sex Disqualification Removal Act (SDRA). Women of colour from the British colonies were permitted, along with Anglo women, to study law in the UK, but they were expected to return to their home countries to practice. Many of these countries passed statutes allowing women to be lawyers within a year of the SDRA. I began to study these women when I visited the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies in 2013.
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