Professor Harry McVea

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Professor Harry McVea
Queen's University, Belfast, and law and economics at Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh
Position/Fellowship type:
Senior Associate Research Fellow
Fellowship term:
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Home institution:
University of Bristol
0117 954 5316
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
International Law
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Related publications/articles:

Date Details
01-Feb-2015 Supporting Market Integrity


in E Ferran, N Moloney, and J Payne (eds), Oxford Handbook of Financial Regulation (OUP, 2015) 632 - 654

01-Jul-2014 Sovereign Wealth Funds and Game Theory

Journal articles

(with N Charalambu) (75% McVea/25% Charalambu split) (2014) 22(1) Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance 61 – 76

28-Feb-2013 The Vexed Issue of Bankers’ Pay: Is it now time for CoCos?

 with Eriksson, A 2013 Journal of Corporate Law Studies, vol 13., pp. 97 - 123

01-Oct-2012 ‘Section 994 of the Companies Act 2006 and the Primacy of Contract’

Journal articles

 (2012) 75(6) Modern Law Review 1124 – 1137

01-Oct-2012 ‘Alternative Investments and Retail Investors? A Bold but Risky Experiment’


 in P Athanassiou (Ed.),Research Handbook on Hedge Funds, Private Equity And Alternative Investments, (pp. 141-169), Edward Elgar, 2012. ISBN: 9781849802789

01-Feb-2012 Credit Rating Agencies


 2012, Treasury Select Committee, Session 2010-12

01-Nov-2010 Credit Rating Agencies, The Subprime Mortgage Debacle and Global Governance: The EU Strikes Back'

International and Comparative Law Quarterly, 59, (pp. 701-730)

01-Nov-1993 Financial Conglomerates and the Chinese Wall

Oxford University Press

‘Sovereign Wealth Funds and Game Theory’

Journal articles

 McVea, H & Charalambu, N 2013, Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance 

‘'United Kingdom: Regulation of Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, and Sovereign Wealth Funds


 in: E Wymeersch (eds) Alternative Investment Fund Regulation: An International Analysis. Kluwer International, pp. 305 - 361

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