Dr Annis May Timpson

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Dr Annis May Timpson
B.Sc.Soc (Hons) (Bristol); M.Sc (Oxon); PhD (Toronto)
Position/Fellowship type:
Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Commonwealth Studies
Institute of Commonwealth Studies
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
Civil Rights, Culture, Human rights, Political Institutions, Politics, Social Sciences
North America, United Kingdom
Summary of research interests and expertise:

I am currently engaged in two collaborative research projects funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC):

$2.6m SSHRC-funded Partnership Project:
The Aboriginal World a
nd the Challenges of Living Together: Governance, Pluriculturalism and Citizenship (2014-21).This project brings scholars and Indigenous leaders together to co-produce knowledge about ways in which the needs and aspirations of Indigenous communities in Canada, Latin America and Aotorea New Zealand are being addressed effectively in social and economic policy development. My work on this project focuses on Indigenous language protection and Indigenous-Settler language relations in Nunavut, Canada.

$198,000 SSHRC Partnership Development Project:
Engendering Engagement, Democratizing Public Space (2016-18).
This project is an academic and community collaboration directed at developing and testing methods of inclusive public engagement to be used in a subsequent public consultation organised around the 50th anniversary of the landmark Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada (RCSW). My work on this project focuses on the impact of the Royal Commission in Northern Canadian communities.

I am also engaged in PhD supervision at the Institute, focusing on Indigenous-Settler relations. I welcome enquiries from potential students who wish to carry out research in this field in Canada and more broadly within the Commonwealth.



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