The School is incredibly rich in expertise and research knowledge, which can help any organisations work on their challenges they face.

SAS researchers continue to challenge and extend the boundaries of interdisciplinary humanities and social science research. Our researchers are able and allowed to use their expertise and apply it to the requirements of organisations across industry sectors. As such, we leave the decision for consultancy work to our academics. If they are available, they will have made it clear in their profiles which can be viewed below.

For any further information on the particular research expertise needed, please contact the relevant academic staff. Otherwise, for any other information, please contact

  • Dr Matthew Phillpott
    Dr Matthew Phillpott
    Institute of Historical Research - Staff
    Research interests:
    Academic Support, Cultural memory, Digital resources, Digitisation, Early Modern, English Literature, History of the book, Manuscript studies, Medieval History
  • Dr Katia Pizzi
    Dr Katia Pizzi
    Institute of Modern Languages Research - Staff
    Research interests:
    Colonies & Colonization, emigration & immigration, Communities, Classes, Races, Cultural memory, Culture, Digital resources, Fellowships, Globalization & Development, History, History of art, Human rights, Journals, Language and Literature (Italian), Literatures in a modern language, Metropolitan history, Modern History , Modernism, Regional history