Dr Francisco J Alvarez Lopez

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Dr Francisco J Alvarez Lopez
BA (Vigo, Spain), MA, PHD (Manchester)
Palaeography Project Officer
Institute of Historical Research
Institute of Historical Research School of Advanced Studies University of London Senate House Malet Street LONDON WC1E 7HU
020 7862 8762
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Research interests:
Manuscript studies, Medieval History, Palaeography
Europe, United Kingdom
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01-Jan-2012 ‘Marginal Evidence for Twelfth-century Monastic Scholarship: Annotation, Provenance and Use in London, British Library Cotton MS. Faustina A. X, Part B’

Journal articles

Electronic British Library Journal, nº 11 (2012)

01-Jan-2012 ‘The Manuscripts of the Old English RSB: A Methodological Approach to the Study of English Benedictine Manuscripts’


M. Alonso and L. Torrado, eds., Weaving New Perspectives Together: Some Reflections on Literary Studies (Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Publishers, 2012), pp. 2-17

01-Jan-2012 ‘The Rule of Saint Benedict in England at the Time of Wilfrid’


N.J. Higham and R.A. Hall, eds., St Wilfrid: Bishop of York, Abbot of Ripon and Hexham (Stamford: Shaun Tyas, 2012)

01-Jan-2012 ‘Review of F. Tinti, Sustaining Belief: The Church of Worcester from c.870 to c.1100’


Journal of the Spanish Society of English Medieval Literature, SELIM 17 (2012 for 2010), 185-190

01-Jan-2008 ‘DCL, B IV, 24: A palaeographical and codicological study of Durham’s Cantor’s Book’


Moskowich-Spiegel, I. and Crespo-García, B., eds, Bells Chiming from the Past; Cultural and Linguistic Studies on Early English (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2008), pp. 209-26

01-Jan-2007 ‘Changing Scripts: A case study of the use of different scripts in the bilingual text of C, CCC, 178, Part B’

Journal articles

Quaestio Insularis 8 (2007), 19-35

01-Jan-2006 ‘The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 755: an annotated bibliography of the Cynewulf and Cyneheard episode from Plummer to Bremmer’

Journal articles

Journal of the Spanish Society of English Medieval Literature, SELIM 13 (2005-2006), 99-117

01-Jan-2005 ‘The palaeography of Oxford, Corpus Christi College, 197’

Conference papers

The Proceedings of the Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies Postgraduate Conference I (2005)

Research Projects & Supervisions

Research projects:

InScribe: Palaeography Learning Materials

InScribe: Palaeography Learning Materials is a new online resource to support the teaching of Palaeography and Manuscript Studies at a postgraduate level for a variety of disciplines. This collaborative enterprise between the Institute of English Studies, the Institute of Historical Research, the Warburg Institute and in association with the Department of Digital Humanities (King’s College, London), will initially cover the English Medieval period, but it is envisaged to include a wider range of periods (from late Antiquity to the 21st century) and geographical areas. Our aim is to provide effective distance training in the various areas attached to Manuscript Studies; to complement (not replace) traditional teaching methodologies; to make a wide range of digital tools and resources available to those members of the public with an interest in the field; and to provide carefully selected bibliographies for each subsection within the module.

Professional Affiliations

Professional affiliations:

Name Activity
Royal Historical Society
International Society of Anglo-Saxonists
The Association for Manuscripts and Archives in Research Collections (AMARC)
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01-Jan-2012 “InScribe: An new approach to online learning, palaeography and English Medieval sources”

26th International Conference of the Spanish Society for Mediaeval English Language and Literature (SELIM), Salamanca (Spain), October 2012

01-Jan-2012 “InScribe: An new approach to online learning, palaeography and historical sources”

Teaching History in Higher Education: the 14th annual Higher Education Academy Teaching and Learning Conference, London, September 2012

01-Jan-2012 “Two Languages, two scripts, two scribes: the case of BL, Cotton Titus, A.iv”

Third International Conference: Language, Culture and Society in Russian/English Studies, London, July 2012

01-Jan-2011 “Anglo-Iberian relations before 1066: A preliminary approach”

42nd Annual Conference of the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, Lisbon (Portugal), July 2011

01-Jan-2011 “Anglo-Iberian relations before 1066: A preliminary approach”

International Medieval Meeting, Lleida (Spain), June 2011

01-Jan-2011 “Iberian Connections in Anglo-Saxon Monastic Libraries”

MANCASS Easter Conference ‘Anglo-Saxon Monasticism’, University of Manchester, April 2011

01-Jan-2011 “Of Monks and Manuscripts: An Approach to Benedictine Manuscripts and their Use in Late Anglo-Saxon and Early Norman England”

‘Bridging the Gaps, Minding the Context’ Conference, Universidade de Vigo (Spain), March 2011

01-Jan-2011 ‘Scribes and Teachers in 12th-century England: The Case of Cotton Faustina A.x’

Exeter Medieval Seminars of the Centre for Medieval Studies (University of Exeter), January 2011

01-Jan-2010 “Marginal Scribes, Practical Teachers: A Case Study on the Use of Cotton Faustina A.x”

‘Writing England: Books 1000-1400’ Conference, University of Leicester, April 2010

01-Jan-2009 “Æthelwold’s Translation of the Rule of St Benedict: Scribes, Manuscripts, and interpretations”

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, July 2009

01-Jan-2009 “The Rule of St. Benedict in England at the Time of Wilfrid”

MANCASS Easter Conference ‘Wilfrid: Bishop and Saint: 709-2009’, University of Manchester, April 2009

01-Jan-2008 “Benedict's Bilingual Rule in 11th-Century Manuscripts”

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, July 2008

01-Jan-2008 “Oswald of Worcester: the Benedictine Reform that Never Was?”

MANCASS Easter Conference ‘Leaders of the Anglo-Saxon Church’, University of Manchester, March 2008

01-Jan-2007 “Monks, Manuscripts and the Old English Regula Benedicti: The Benedictine Reform at Worcester”

‘Medievalism Transformed’, University of Wales, Bangor, June 2007

01-Jan-2007 “Changing Scripts: A Case Study of the Use of Different Scripts in the Bilingual Text of C, CCC, 178, Part B”

The Cambridge Colloquium in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, University of Cambridge, May 2007

01-Jan-2005 “DCL, B IV, MS. 24: A Palaeographical and Codicological Study of Durham’s Cantor’s Book”

17th International Conference of the Spanish Society for Mediaeval English Language and Literature (SELIM), Universidade de A Coruña (Spain), October 2005

01-Jan-2005 “The Palaeography of O, CCC, 197”

MANCASS Postgraduate Conference ‘Anglo-Saxon Books and Libraries’, University of Manchester, March 2005

01-Jan-2004 “W?fcyþþe on Merantune: A Contextual/Thematic Reappraisal of ASC, 755: The Story Of Cynewulf And Cyneheard”

16th International Conference of the Spanish Society for Mediaeval English Language and Literature (SELIM), Universidad de Sevilla (Spain), October 2004

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