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Dr Christopher Ohge
Lecturer in Digital Approaches to Literature
Institute of English Studies
Senate House, Room 242
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Digital resources, Digitisation, English Literature, History of the book, Manuscript studies, Modernism, Palaeography, Philosophy, Romanticism
England, North America, United Kingdom
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Scholarly editing and textual studies; nineteenth and twentieth century literature; digital humanities.

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German Intermediate Intermediate
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01-Nov-2019 Melville's Historical Imagination in The House-top


Collected in "This Mighty Convulsion": Melville and Whitman Write the Civil War, ed. Christopher Sten and Tyler Hoffman (forthcoming, University of Iowa Press).

An essay that examines Melville's doubleness in his Civil War poem, "The House-top"––which shows an ingenious combination of literary allusion, historical source study, and prosody.  

24-Apr-2019 The Making of an Anti-Slavery Anthology: Mary-Anne Rawson and The Bow in the Cloud


This two-part blog post examines the unexplored textual history and social network surrounding The Bow in the Cloud, an anti-slavery anthology published in 1834 in Great Britain.

Access Part 1 here.

25-Feb-2019 Review of American Literature and the New Puritan Studies


The Library: Transactions of the Bibliographic Society 7.20.1 (March 2019).

15-Feb-2019 Melville Incomplete

Journal articles

American Literary History 31.1 (Spring 2019).

This essay considers the difficult choices editors must now make in the era of digital editions by examining the final Northwestern Newberry edition of Melville's Billy Budd and Other Uncompleted Works.

01-Jun-2018 At the Axis of Reality: Melville's Marginalia in The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare

Journal articles

Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies 20.2 (June 2018).

An examination (co-written with Steven Olsen-Smith and Elisa Barney Smith) of Herman Melville's marginalia in his 7-volume set of Shakespeare using digital techniques.

01-Jun-2018 Computation and Digital Text Analysis at Melville's Marginalia Online

Journal articles

Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies 20.2 (June 2018).

An introduction (co-written with Steven Olsen-Smith) to a special issue of Leviathan that I guest-edited on using digital text analysis techniques to study marginalia. In addition to co-writing a lengthy article on Melville's marginalia in Shakespeare, I also edited articles on––and wrote R and XSLT code for––Melville's marginalia in Chapman's Homer and Milton.

31-Aug-2017 Mark Twain: April Fool, 1884

Edited Book

Scholarly Editing 38 (2017).

A digital edition and network analysis (co-edited with Leslie Myrick) of April Fools letters written to Mark Twain as part of a hoax perpetrated by the novelist George Washington Cable in 1884.

31-Jul-2017 Melville’s Late Readings and the Revisions in the Billy Budd Manuscript


 Collected in Critical Insights: Billy Budd (Salem Press, 2017).

15-Oct-2015 (As associate editor) Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 3 (University of California Press, 2015, with etext on marktwainproject.org)

Edited Book

01-May-2014 ‘Lest we get too transcendental’: Christopher Pearse Cranch’s Changes of Mind in ‘Journal. 1839’, Scholarly Editing 35 (2014)


A critical introduction to the electronic edition of the Transcendentalist poet and artist Christopher Cranch's 1839 Journal.

01-May-2014 Journal. 1839, by Christopher Pearse Cranch, Scholarly Editing 35 (2014)

Edited Book

Diplomatic transcription of Cranch's journal, with manuscript images, which also includes draft caricatures of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

01-Mar-2014 The Authorship of the ‘F—’ Story, Re-examined, Notes & Queries 61.1 (March 2014).


A short article arguing for the linguistic parallels between the anonymous "F--" story and Samuel Beckett's early published prose.

01-Jan-2012 Melville’s Marginalia in Schopenhauer’s Studies in Pessimism, Melville’s Marginalia Online (2012).

Edited Book

Introduction: <http://melvillesmarginalia.org/intro.aspx?id=42>

Edited Book: <http://melvillesmarginalia.org/PreviewMode.aspx?DocumentID=42>


01-Oct-2008 A Transcription of Melville’s Marginalia in Christopher Marlowe’s Works and Selections from Charles Lamb’s Specimens of English Dramatic Poets who Lived about the Time of Shakspeare, with Steven Olsen-Smith and Dennis C. Marnon. Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies 10.3 (October 2008, special issue).


Research Projects & Supervisions

Research projects:

Herman Melville Electronic Library

Currently working on the digital fluid text edition of Billy Budd, Sailor. Also starting to work on the Melville family correspondence.

Mary Anne Rawson’s The Bow in the Cloud and The Network of Anti-Slavery in Britain

 The John Rylands Research Institute - Digital Humanities Project Start-up Grant

Available for doctoral supervision: Yes

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