Professor Kimberly Coles

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Professor Kimberly Coles
DPhil in Early Modern English Literature, Oxford (2003); MPhil, Oxford (1998); MA, Columbia, New York (1996); BA, Columbia (1994)
Position/Fellowship type:
School of Advanced Study Visiting Fellow, 2012/13
Fellowship term:
01-Jan-2013 to 30-Jun-2013
Central Services of the School
Home institution:
University of Maryland
Related institutes:
Institute of English Studies
Warburg Institute
University of Maryland, College Park, MARYLAND MD 20742, USA
001 301 405 1000
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
English Literature
Summary of research interests and expertise:

Professor Kimberly Coles, Associate Professor in the Department of English at the University of Maryland, has published numerous articles on the topics of women’s writing, gender and religious ideology. Her book, Religion, Reform, and Women’s Writing in Early Modern England (Cambridge University Press, 2008; paperback 2010) examines the influence of women writers on religious identity and its cultural expression in the 16th century. 

Project summary relevant to Fellowship:

“A Fault of Humour”: The Constitution of Belief in Early Modern England investigates how the confessional categories of Protestant and Catholic functioned in early modern England as material categories. The medical theory of this period gave the prevailing sense that body and soul were in sympathy. The project explores what this implies for religious identity.

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Publication Details

Related publications/articles:

Date Details
The Cultural Politics of Blood, 1500-1900, ed. Ralph Bauer, Kimberly Anne Coles, Carla L. Peterson, and Zita Nunes

Edited Book

Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming

"The 'diffrence degree': Social Rank and Gendered Expression", "The Impact of Feminism in English Renaissance Studies"


ed. Dympna Callaghan (London: Palgrave, 2007), 150-170

'A Fault of Humour': The Constitution of Belief in Early Modern England - manuscript in progress


West of England: The Irish specter in Tamburlaine


The Blackwell Companion to Tudor Literature, ed. Kent Cartwright (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2010), 459-474

Religion, Reform and Women's Writing in Early Modern England


Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008; pbk. 2010

Relevant Events

Related events:

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01-Jan-1900 "Soule is Forme: Spenser and the Book 'Of Temperaunce' "

1 May 2013 in the Warburg Institute

01-Jan-1900 "Moral Constitution: Elizabeth Carey's 'Tragedy of Mariam' and the Color of Blood

The School of Advanced Study public lecture: 12 June 2013

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