Dr Mary Coghill

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Dr Mary Coghill
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Visiting Research Fellow
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01-Aug-2016 to 30-Sep-2017
Institute of English Studies
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Human Rights Consortium
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Research interests:
Literatures in a modern language, Metropolitan history
Asia, Europe
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 Roman Jakobson; Russian Formalism; Poetics and Semiotics; City Poetry

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31-Oct-2016 Roman Jakobson


In: Klaus Bruhn Jensen, Robert T. Craig, Jefferson D. Pooley, Eric W. Rothenbuhler (eds.), The International Encyclopedia of Communication Theory and Philosophy  (Wiley: Hoboken NJ, 2016) pp. 1021-1025


22-Oct-2016 Formalist Poetics: towards a theory of a city poetic with special reference to the definition and use of the metonym

Conference papers

23-Oct-2014 ‘“He Placed Himself in the Order of Signs”: The Catholic poet David Jones, First World War poet and artist

Plenary Presentation at The English Catholic History Association AGM October 2014. 

30-Sep-2013 Russian Formalist Theory Revisited: A Discussion of European Interpretations of Roman Jakobson’s “Poetic Function”

Conference papers

 Paper read at 7th International Conference: ‘Language, Culture and Society at the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages, Moscow 26th-29th September 2013; published in the Journal of Philology 2014 Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages No 3-4 (48) pp. 211- 215

01-Feb-2013 Shades of Light: A Triumph of City

Edited Book

 An exploration of a city poetic. Read a section, read a poem or read the whole: Love, Discipline, Death, Fame, Time and Eternity. Writing poetry about crowded urban life requires focus on people, location, time and city space. How is the right – or rite – of survival interpreted? Who wins – the city or the city dwellers? In this poem the poet projects a city world - something strange, something familiar. The city with all its energy and activity – lines crossing, junctions - are combined with people, buildings, energy and above all, the travelling through.­

15-Sep-2006 Designed to Fade

Edited Book

 A sequence of poems that seeks to engage with the problem of the role of woman in the city. Urbanisation is frequently seen as a male phenomenon, and it is usually men who have written paeans to the cities in which they live. Mary Coghill uses an enormous array of styles and effects to draw her picture of a woman's life in London, showing its joys and its dangers, demonstrating the particular problems that women have in this all-too-masculine environment, and celebrating the feminine side which is all too rarely brought to light. Designed to Fade is a stylistic tour-de-force, and a most unusual sequence of poems.

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