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Professor Lisa Webley
LLB Hons (Law with French Hons) (Birm) MA (Westmin) PhD (Lond) DiplEJF (Limoges) PgDiplLP (CoL Chester) FHEA FRSA
Senior Research Fellow
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
University of Westminster School of Law 4-12 Little Titchfield Street London W1W 7UW
+44 (0)so 7911 5000 Ext 2574
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
Gender studies, International Law, Social Sciences
Summary of research interests and expertise:

Professor Webley teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by the School of Law, principally constitutional and administrative law, legal skills, the English legal system and research methods, with occasional classes on dispute resolution in a civil and family law context. She is a PhD supervisor, as well as a dissertation supervisor for LLB and LLM students. She is also involved in teaching, learning and assessment policy for the LLB, as well curriculum design and quality assurance. She is a professional tutor on the Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in Higher Education. She has also acted as an external examiner or adviser at a number of higher education institutions in the UK and abroad.

Professor Webley has carried out funded empirical research for a number of public bodies and organisations including the European Commission; the Ministry of Justice (formerly the Department for Constitutional Affairs); the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (formerly the DTI); the Law Society of England and Wales; the Legal Services Commission; the Legal Services Board; and the Victoria Law Foundation Australia. Details of some of her publications are set out below. She also undertakes academic and professional consultancy work, including consultancy for City law firms.

Professor Webley is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London, and Course Director and principal teacher on the Institute's two week intensive Introduction to Legal and Empirical Research Methods course for MPhil/PhD students.

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French Good Good
Publication Details

Related publications/articles:

Date Details
28-Sep-2017 Great Debates in Gender and the Legal Profession’

Journal articles

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15-Jun-2017 When is mediation mediatory and when is it really adjudicatory? Religion, Norms and decision-making

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18-May-2017 Chapter 7: Diversity and Inclusion As the Key to Innovation in Innovating Talent Management in Law Firms

Journal articles

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20-Oct-2016 Stumbling Blocks in Empirical Legal Research: Case Study Research

Journal articles

 Journal of Law and Method open access:

03-Oct-2016 Interception of communications and legal professional privilege and the rule of law


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04-May-2016 Developing Students’ Legal Writing Skills


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14-Apr-2016 Access to a Career in the Legal Profession in England and Wales: Race, Class and the Role of Educational Background

Journal articles

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28-Jan-2016 Legal Writing 4th ed

Edited Book

London: Routledge Publishing

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Journal articles

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