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Dr Juliette Scott
Researcher in Legal Translation Studies
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
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Institute of Modern Languages Research
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies University of London 17 Russell Square London WC1B 5DR
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International Law, International Relations, Law
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Legal translation studies & interdisciplinarity, functionalism. Briefing, fitness-for-purpose and differentiation of service level requirements. Genre theory & interdiscursivity in legal texts. Comparative law & translation. Jurilinguistics, legal collocations, interpretation & ambiguity. Language for specific purposes (LSP). Corpus use for learning to translate (CULT), DIY corpora. Applications of technology to translation & to research.

Legal translators’ agency, status and professionalization; occupational branding. Constraints on legal translation performance; extra-institutional contexts.

Engagement with practice & the general public. Training innovations. Engagement with legal professions and legal disciplines in academia.

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25-Mar-2016 Legal Translation Training - A Way Forward for Aspiring Lawyers in a Clogged Job Market?



30-Nov-2015 How Legal Translation Studies Research Might Assist Lawyers with Best Procurement Practice


In Geert Jacobs & Glen M. Alessi (Eds.), The Ins and Outs of Business and Professional Discourse Research: Reflections on Interacting with the Workplace. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

01-May-2015 Suggestions for Optimizing the Agency of Freelance Legal Translators.


In Girolamo Tessuto & Rita Salvi (Eds.), Language and Law in Social Practice Research. Mantua: Universitas Studiorum.

01-Sep-2012 Can Genre-Specific DIY Corpora, Compiled by Legal Translators Themselves, Assist Them in ‘Learning the Lingo’ of Legal Subgenres?

Journal articles

Comparative Legilinguistics 12:87–101

01-May-2012 Towards Professional Uptake of DIY Electronic Corpora in Legal Genres.


In Maria Sanchez (Ed.), Salford Working Papers in Translation and Interpreting, Vol. 1. Salford: University of Salford.

Negotiating Constraints on Legal Translation Performance in an Outsourced Environment


Negotiating Cultural, Jurisdictional and Disciplinary Boundaries, Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Legal Translation Training - A Way Forward for Aspiring Lawyers in a Clogged Job Market?

Journal articles

Tilburg Law Review

Legal Translation - A Multidimensional Endeavour

Journal articles

A Covert-Overt Cline for Legal Translation

Edited Book

The Pernicious Effects of Terms Used For and By the Legal Translation Profession

Journal articles

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