Professor Ilias Bantekas

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Professor Ilias Bantekas
LLB (Athens); LLM, PhD (Liverpool); Dip Theology (Cantab)
Position/Fellowship type:
Senior Associate Research Fellow
Fellowship term:
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Home institution:
Brunel University
020 78625800
Email address:

Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
International Law, Law
Summary of research interests and expertise:


Criminal Law
International Commercial Arbitration
International Criminal Law

Research Interests
General Public International Law
International Foreign Investment and Arbitration
International Development Banks
International Ecclesiastical Relations (particularly Orthodox Christianity)

Research Areas
Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution
Criminal law
Human rights
International economic law
Public international law
Religion and the law
Terrorism and the law

Publication Details

Related publications/articles:

Date Details
01-Oct-2015 The Anthropological Dimension of International Crimes and International Criminal Justice

in I Bantekas (ed.), Criminological Approaches to International Criminal Law (Cambridge University Press, 2014), pp 240-262

01-Aug-2015 Introduction to International Arbitration


(Cambridge UP, 2015)

01-Jan-2015 Accountability for Violating Security Council Resolutions


F Viljoen and A Abass (eds.), All Means Necessary: Bridging the Gap between the Doctrine of R2P and the Actual Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict (Pretoria University Press, 2015), approx 6.000 words

01-Jan-2015 Taxation as Expropriation in Investor-State Arbitration

Journal articles

with A Lazem, 31 Arbitration International (2015), pp 1-41

01-Jan-2015 Freedom of Religion in Transnational Contracts and Business Transactions

P Petkof, M Evans (eds), Changing Nature of Religious Rights under International Law (Oxford University Press, 2015), pp 286-306

01-Oct-2014 Towards an International Law of Sovereign Debt and Insolvency

Journal articles

3 International Human Rights Law Review (2014), pp 159-178

01-Oct-2014 Towards an Interdisciplinary Theory of International Criminal Law


in I Bantekas (ed.), Criminological Approaches to International Criminal Law (Cambridge University Press, 2014), pp 1-21

01-Mar-2014 - The Pitfalls of Lis Pendens in Transnational Matrimonial Jurisdiction Disputes before English Courts

Journal articles

International Family Law (2014 March), pp 30-38

01-Jan-2014 Criminological Approaches to International Criminal Law

Edited Book

Cambridge University Press, 2014

01-Jan-2014 The International Criminal Court and Africa

Edited Book

with A Abass and C Jalloh, Oxford University Press, 2014

01-Aug-2013 International Law


with E Papastavridis, Oxford University Press, 2013

01-Apr-2013 International Human Rights Law and Practice


with Lutz Oette. Cambridge University Press 2013

01-Jan-2013 The Effect of Public Policy on the Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Bahrain and the UAE

Journal articles

 (with M Al-Nasair), 30 International Arbitration Law Review (2013), pp 283-301

01-Jan-2013 The Legal Nature of State Unitary Enterprises in Uzbek Corporate Law

Journal articles

 27 Australian Journal of Corporate Law (2013), pp 346-355

01-Jan-2013 Legal Anthropology and the Construction of Complex Liabilities


 in CT Jalloh (ed), The Contribution of the Sierra Leone Special Court to the Development of International Criminal Law (Cambridge University Press, 2013), pp 181-90

01-Jan-2013 Exceptional Recognition of Governments and Political Parties in respect of Sovereign Loans: The Greek case

Journal articles

 82 Nordic Journal of International Law (2013), pp 317-328

01-Oct-2012 Wealth and Growth-based Policies have Augmented Global Poverty and Eroded Human Rights: A Return to Human-Centred Thinking

 (2012) 1 International Human Rights Law Review pp 30-53

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