Professor Derek Roebuck

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Professor Derek Roebuck
MA (Oxon), MCom (VUW);
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Senior Associate Research Fellow
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Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
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Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
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Over forty books on law, legal history and language, including 7 volume Peking UP bilingual texts on Hong Kong contract, criminal law and criminal procedure; recently on the history of dispute resolution: A Miscellany of Disputes (2000) Ancient Greek Arbitration (2001), The Charitable Arbitrator: How to Mediate and Arbitrate in Louis XIV’s France (2002); Roman Arbitration (2004); Early English Arbitration (2008); Disputes and Differences (2010) and introductions to reprints of Matthew Bacon The Compleat Arbitrator (2009) and Stewart Kyd A Treatise on the Law of Awards (2009). Now working on Arbitration in England 1154 to 1558 (2012).

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Related publications/articles:

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22-Jan-2015 The Golden Age of Arbitration: Dispute Resolution under Elizabeth I

Oxford, HOLO Books: The Arbitration Press

01-Nov-2014 Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation: Pitfalls of Prescription’


in Gerolamo Tessuto ed Explorations in Language and Law: Language and Law in Academic and Professional Settings: Analyses and Applications Aprilia, Novalogos

01-Sep-2014 The London Centre for Mediation and Arbitration in the Reign of Elizabeth I

for Arbitration International September 2014

01-Apr-2014 Odds or Evens: How Many Arbitrators?

Journal articles

(2014) 80 Arbitration 8-15

01-Jan-2014 Plain, Clear and Something More? Criteria for Communication in Legal Language


in VK Bhatia et al ed Explorations in Language and Law: Language and Law in Academic and Professional Settings Analyses and Applications 1/2014

01-Oct-2013 The Future of Arbitration

Journal articles

(2013) 96 Amicus Curiae 1-3

01-Jan-2013 The English Compromissum: What Can be Learned from its History?

(2013) 1 Revista Român? de Arbitraj

01-Aug-2012 ADR in Business: Topics for Research

Journal articles

(2012) 3 Revista Român? de Arbitraj 29-36

31-Jan-2012 Neil Kaplan – Patron of Learning


in Chiann Bao and Felix Lautenschlager eds Arbitrators’ Insights: Essays in Honour of Neil Kaplan Sweet and Maxwell 2012 Chapter 18 317-325

31-Jan-2012 Keeping an Eye on Fundamentals

Journal articles

(2012) 78 Arbitration 375-376

01-Nov-2008 Early English Arbitration

HOLO books

01-Nov-2004 Roman Arbitration

HOLO Books

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