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Professor Sir Brian Vickers
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Senior Research Fellow
Institute of English Studies
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22-Apr-2016 'Shakespeare’s kind of play?', review of Peter Kirwan, Shakespeare and the Idea of Apocrypha


Times Literary Supplement, pp. 8-9.

01-Jan-2016 'Marlowe in Edward II: Lender or Borrower?'


Joseph Candido (ed.), The Text, the Play, and the Globe. Essays on Literary Influence in Shakespeare’s World and His Work in Honor of Charles R. Forker (Madison, Teaneck: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2016), pp. 43-74.

01-Jan-2016 Review of Lawrence Manley and Sally-Beth MacLean, 'Lord Strange’s Men and Their Plays'


Modern Philology 113 (2015): E81–E86.

01-Jan-2016 'The One King Lear'


(Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2016), pp. xxi + 387. ISBN 9780674504844.

01-Aug-2015 Review of A. S. McGrade (ed.), Richard Hooker, Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity. A critical Edition with modern spelling


Review of English Studies, 66 (2015): 575-7

01-Aug-2015 'Evaluating Collaborators'


Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen (eds), William Shakespeare and Others: Collaborative Plays, Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen, 252 (2015): 353-65.

01-Jan-2014 Review of J.C. Scaliger, Poetices libri septem. Sieben Bücher über die Dichtkunst, Band VI: Indices


Renaissance Studies, 28: 799−800

01-Jan-2014 Review of Standish Henning (ed.), Shakespeare, The Comedy of Errors. A New Variorum Edition


Review of English Studies, 65: 733−7

01-Jan-2013 Review of symposium: ‘Remembering W.W.Greg’ in A. S. G. Edwards (ed.), Textual Cultures, 4


Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, 106: 131−3

01-Jan-2013 Review of David Bevington, Martin Butler, and Ian Donaldson (eds.), The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson



01-May-2012 'All's Well that Ends Well - An Attribution Refuted'

Journal articles

Co-author with Marcus Dahl. Times Literary Supplement.

01-Jan-2012 The Library of a Polymath | Essay review of Urs B. Leu, Raffael Keller and Sandra Weimann, Conrad Gessner’s Private Library (Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2008)


Annals of Science, 69:571−4


01-Jan-2012 Identifying Shakespeare's Additions to The Spanish Tragedy (1602): A New(er) Approach


In Shakespeare Vol 8, Nos 1-4: 2012. pp. 13-43

01-Jan-2012 The Oxford Francis Bacon I: Early Writings 1584-1596

Edited Book

General Editor. The Oxford Francis Bacon I: Early Writings 1584-1596. Ed. Alan Stewart. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2012. Pp. lxi, 1066.

01-Jan-2011 ‘Shakespeare and Authorship Studies in the Twenty-First Century’

Journal articles

Shakespeare Quarterly (62:1): 106–142.

01-Jan-2011 The Collected Works of John Ford (Vol I)

Edited Book

Monsarrat, Gilles, Brian Vickers and R.J.C. Watt (eds.) Oxford: Oxford University Press

01-Jan-2010 ‘Disintegrated. Did Middleton really adapt Macbeth?’


Times Literary Supplement 28 May 2010, pp. 13-14.

01-Jan-2008 'Francis Bacon, Feminist Historiography, and the Domain of Nature'

Journal articles

Journal of the History of Ideas (69): 117-141

01-Jan-2008 'Co-authors and Closed Minds'

Journal articles

Shakespeare Studies (36): 111-127

01-Jan-2008 'The Authentic and Inauthentic Hamlet'

Journal articles

Editionen der Kritik (2008:2): 15-42

01-Jan-2007 Shakespeare, 'A Lover's Complaint', and John Davies of Hereford


Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. xii, 329

01-Jan-2007 'Incomplete Shakespeare: Or, Denying Coauthorship in 1 Henry VI'

Journal articles

Shakespeare Quarterly (58:3): 311-352

01-Jan-2005 Shakespeare: The Critical Tradition. The Merchant of Venice

Edited Book

Eds. William Baker and Brian Vickers (London and New York: Continuum), pp. xli, 437. General Editor's Preface, pp. ix-xli.

01-Jan-2004 General Editor's Preface, Coriolanus

Edited Book

General Editor's Preface, Coriolanus, ed. by David George: Shakespeare: The Critical Tradition Series (Continuum Books, March 2004), pp. xxvi, 445

01-Jan-2004 'Neither Proper nor Useful': Jesuit Orthodoxy and Galiliean Science

Journal articles

Essay review of Mordechai Feingold (ed.), The New Science and Jesuit Science: Seventeenth-Century Perspectives. Annals of Science (61): 213-218

01-Jan-2003 'Shakespeare, "A Lover's Complaint"'

Journal articles

'Shakespeare, "A Lover's Complaint"', in the Times Literary Supplement (5 December 2003)

01-Jan-2002 Shakespeare, Co-author: A Historical Study of Five Collaborative Plays


Oxford University Press, pp. xxxix, 561

01-Jan-2002 'Counterfeiting' Shakespeare: Evidence, Authorship, and John Ford's Funerall Elegye


Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp.xxvii, 568

01-Jan-2002 '"Words and Things - Or Words, Concepts, and Things?" Rhetorical and Linguistic Categories in the Renaissance'


E. Kessler and I. Maclean (eds.) Res et Verba in der Renaissance (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz), pp. 287-335

01-Jan-2000 'The Myth of Fancis Bacon's "Anti-Humanism"'


Jill Kraye and M.W.F. Stone (eds.) Humanism and Early Modern Philosophy (London: Routledge), pp. 135-158

01-Jan-1999 English Renaissance Literary Criticism

Edited Book

Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. xv, 655

01-Jan-1999 Francis Bacon, The Essays and Counsels, Civil and Moral

Edited Book

Oxford World's Classics, pp. xliii, 216

01-Jan-1996 Francis Bacon

Edited Book

Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. li, 813 ('The Oxford Authors')

01-Jan-1993 Appropriating Shakespeare: Contemporary Critical Quarrels


New Haven and London: Yale University Press, pp. xvi, 501. Paperback ed. 1994, reprinted 1996

01-Jan-1988 In Defense of Rhetoric


Oxford: Oxford University Press. pp. xi, 508

01-Jan-1988 'The Atrophy of Rhetoric: Vico to de Man'

Journal articles

Rhetorica (6): 21-56

01-Jan-1986 'Rites of Passage in Shakespeare's Prose'

Journal articles

Deutsche Shakespeare-Gesellschaft West: Jahrbuch 1986, pp. 45-76

01-Jan-1985 'The Royal Society and English Prose Style: A Reassessment'


Rhetoric and the Pursuit of Truth: Language Change in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (Los Angeles: The William Andrews Clark Memorial Library), pp. 1-76

01-Jan-1984 'Steevens or Whalley? A Question of Authorship'

Journal articles

Shakespeare Quarterly (35:2): 196-201

01-Jan-1983 'Epideictic and Epic in the Renaissance'

Journal articles

New Literary History (14): 497-537

01-Jan-1981 Shakespeare: The Critical Heritage (Vol VI) 1774-1801

Edited Book

London and Boston: Routledge and Kegan Paul, pp. 650

01-Jan-1981 'The Emergence of Character Criticism, 1774-1800'

Journal articles

Shakespeare Survey (34): 11-21

01-Jan-1979 Shakespeare: The Critical Heritage (Vol V) 1765-1774

Edited Book

London and Boston: Routledge and Kegan Paul, pp. xvi, 569

01-Jan-1976 Shakespeare: The Critical Heritage (Vol IV) 1753-1765

Edited Book

London and Boston: Routledge and Kegan Paul, pp. xiv, 583

01-Jan-1975 Shakespeare: The Critical Heritage (Vol III) 1733-1752

Edited Book

London and Boston: Routledge and Kegan Paul, pp. xii, 487

01-Jan-1974 Shakespeare: The Critical Heritage (Vol I) 1623-1692

Edited Book

London and Boston: Routledge and Kegan Paul, pp. xi, 448

01-Jan-1974 Shakespeare: The Critical Heritage (Vol II) 1693-1733

Edited Book

London and Boston: Routledge and Kegan Paul, pp. xi, 549

01-Jan-1973 Towards Greek Tragedy


London: Longman, pp. xvi, 658. Reprinted 1979

01-Jan-1971 'Shakespeare's Use of Rhetoric'


K. Muir and S. Schoenbaum (eds) A New Companion to Shakespeare Studies (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), pp. 83-98

01-Jan-1971 'Bacon's Use of Theatrical Imagery'

Journal articles

Studies in the Literary Imagination (4): 189-226

01-Jan-1970 Classical Rhetoric in English Poetry


London: Macmillan, pp. 180

01-Jan-1968 The Artistry of Shakespeare's Prose


London: Methuen, pp. ix, 452

01-Jan-1968 Francis Bacon and Renaissance Prose


Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. xi, 316

01-Jan-1968 'King Lear and Renaissance Paradoxes'

Journal articles

Modern Language Review (63): 305-314

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12-Aug-2013 'Much Ado About Who: Is It Really Shakespeare?'

Quoted extensively in New York Times article, by Jennifer Schuessler. August 12, 2013.

20-Sep-2012 'Editing John Ford'

Editing Now: Early Modern Performance and Modern Textual Scholarship. University of Durham. 19-21 September 2012

01-Jan-2011 ‘Suffering and attempted consolation in Shakespeare’

University of Cambridge Shakespeare Summer School, August 2011.

01-Jan-2007 'From the Consolatio to Counselling: Grief Therapy, Ancient and Modern'

John Coffin Lecture in Intellectual History (School of Advanced Study, University of London)

01-Jan-2004 'Shakespeare's Teachers'

John Coffin Memorial Lecture in English Literature (School of Advanced Study, University of London)

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